Other chains


Other chains

There are many different types of technical chains in addition to the most commonly used roller chain or conveyor chain.
Here are some examples of typical chain designations.

  • Ring chain
  • Round steel chain
  • Gall chain
  • Side bow chain
  • Hollow pin chain
  • Bar chain
  • Accumulation conveyor chain
  • Patent chain
  • Ball chain
  • Pin chain
  • Socket chain
  • Toothed chain
  • Rotay chain
  • Push link chain
  • Hinged band chain
  • Plate chain
  • Multiflex chain

to name just a few examples.
For more information, we recommend the page https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kette_(Technik)#Bauarten_von_technischen_Ketten
For the correct selection of the chain required for the application, you are welcome to make use of our consulting expertise.

Here are some examples.

Inverted tooth chains

Gall chains,
DIN 8150

Roller chain with
straight tab

Side bow chain

Socket chain

Hollow pin chain

Accumulation conveyor chain