Chain accessories


Chain accessories

Kettentechnik Roeder GmbH offers a comprehensive range of accessories for chains.
This also includes solutions for individual customer problems, which is one of the core competencies of Kettentechnik Roeder GmbH.
For the correct selection of the accessories required for the application, you are welcome to make use of our consulting expertise.

These include:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Sprockets
  • Guides (guide rails or wear guides)
  • Chain breaker (mobile and stationary)
  • Chain tensioner (mounting tensioner)
  • Chain measuring instruments
  • Lubricant

A. Chain breaker

A1. EZ Breaker (chain breaker from 06B-1 to 20B-1)

A2. Chain breaker hand (3 sizes available)

B. Chain measuring tools

B1. Wear indicator (06B to 16B)