Double pitch roller chains to ISO 1275

Double pitch roller chains according to ISO 1275 (old standard DIN 8181) correspond to short-link chains apart from the pitch and follow identical standard specifications in their dimensions for the round parts (pins, bushes and rollers). The difference between double pitch roller chains and standard roller chains is the use of double pitch link plates. In contrast to short-link chains to ISO 606, these chains are intended for use under different loads in terms of speed and power transmission. In the American standard chain range, there are also versions with normal link plate thickness and reinforced link plates as well as variants with different roller sizes.

The advantages of roller chains

  • Wide range of applications as drive, conveyor and lifting chains
  • Fulfillment of versatile functions with attachments for special chains
  • Robustness against temperature influences and soiling
  • Positive transmission without slippage
  • Economic efficiency
  • Wide range of chain sizes as well as single and multiple chains
  • Versatile transmission ratios
  • Large shaft spacing can be realized, e.g. in conveyor systems
  • Announcement of the service life limit through chain elongation
  • Easy lengthening and shortening
  • Drive and output possible on both sides
  • No preload = no static bearing load
  • Fire safety
  • also available in galvanized, nickel-plated, stainless steel

Customized according to requirements

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