Bent attachements

Roller chains with standardized angle plates give designers in plant and mechanical engineering many options for their own designs. The standardized bent attachements (in accordance with ISO 606) serve as an interface for attaching individual, functional attachments to roller chains.

The advantages of angle link roller chains

  • Mounting on one or both sides possible
  • Any pitch spacing possible
  • Mounting on siplex, duplex and triplex chains possible
  • Wide range of applications as drive, conveyor and lifting chains
  • Fulfillment of versatile functions with attachments for special chains
  • Robustness against temperature influences and soiling
  • Positive transmission without slippage
  • Economic efficiency
  • Wide range of chain sizes as well as single and multiple chains
  • Versatile transmission ratios
  • Large shaft spacing can be realized, e.g. in conveyor systems
  • Announcement of the service life limit through chain elongation
  • Easy lengthening and shortening
  • Drive and output possible on both sides
  • No preload = no static bearing load
  • Fire safety
  • also available in galvanized, nickel-plated, stainless steel

If the range of standardized bent attachements is not sufficient, bent attachements can be manufactured quickly and individually according to customer requirements.


Customized according to requirements

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